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Ballast Water Management Systems

MMC Green Technology, established in 2010 as a spin off in the MMC group of companies. The mission was to establish a company focusing on environmental protective solutions for the maritime industry, the upcoming BWM convention and MMCs experience from water treatment systems was the main reason for the timing.

MMC Green Technology consists of employees with very long experience from several other companies in the Norwegian Maritime Cluster. By knowledge about the high demands in maritime operations we aim to give our customers the best service at all time.

Dedicated and trustworthy, based on feedback and focused on results!

System description

MMC BWMS is a state of the art ballast water treatment system. Compact design, intuitive operation, reliable performance and easy maintenance has been the most important design criteria. The ship operators best choice where limited space is available.

MMC BWMS skid units are always fully factory tested prior to delivery.
Stainless steel frame and piping Automatic flushing with fresh water after operation to avoid corrosion and extend lifetime for essential components.

MMC BWMS may be delivered on skid or in separate components.


MMC BWMS make use of self-cleaning filters. This filter is the most recognized filter in the Ballast Water business today, and has by far most experience (longest reference list).

The Filters consists of several filter candles made out of super duplex steel (chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel) with a filtrations degree of 40 micron.

Sacrificial anode in addition for even better corrosion resistance. Backflush pump is standard configuration, ensuring efficient cleansing of the filter candles. Fully configurational backflush set point. Approximately 5-years’ service interval.


MMC BWMS make use of the latest UV-technology commercially available today, based on medium pressure UV-radiation. This is the most efficient UV-technology for Ballast Water Treatment with a UV-radiation wave length of 200-400 nm. UV-light has proved to be a very “clean” alternative to active substances (chemical agents such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone). Unlike these methods, UV does not produce any disinfection-by-products (DBPs).

The UV-sensor is placed in-between the lamps, “looking 360 degrees” and senses all lamps simultaneously. The sensor will detect if a lamp needs to be replaced. Lamps and sensor is covered by the same quart sleeves, and it is cleaned by a state-of-the-art wiping mechanism.

4 power steps, controlled according to UV-light transmission. UV-lamp life time of more than 1000 hour (calculated to approx. 5-years operation on maximum power).

Control system

MMC BWMS make use of a state-of-the-art Control System. Running on a modern industrial computer with an intuitive and user friendly graphical interface. Can be integrated in ships existing automation system (IAS)

Easy possibilities for Remote Access. Large screen for good overview. Informal warnings and alarms. Very reliable components. Logs all operations, easy to export data, intuitive interface for browsing history. Simulator for training purpose.

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