Graphite Technology Ltd

Graphite, heat exchangers

Our Mission

Offer and supply process systems, equipment and components made of graphite and corrosion resistant non-metallic materials.

Our projects include design and efficiency improvement, revamping and debottlenecking existing exchangers.

Propose the widest portfolio of solutions for chemical processes industries.

Propose the most reliable equipment on the market with user friendly features.

Our Company

Graphite Technology, a synonym for outstanding solutions using graphite components for the chemical processes industries. You can rely on graphite, SiC and fluoropolymers, and you can rely on the specialists of Graphite Technology – The Graphite Experts Company!

Since years specialists at GRAPHITE TECHNOLOGY have developed and constructed graphite components with the highest resistance to corrosion. Our engineering team performs not only process design for heat exchangers, but also stress/mechanical calculations for the equipment which comply with worldwide standards.

Our advantages

Our equipment are designed to be used in the harshest conditions with unique features improving reliability, extending lifetime, reducing maintenance costs. Unique and patented technologies to protect against erosion, water and steam hammering, vibrations, mechanical and thermal shocks.

Product images

GT Tube
GT Disc
GT Bloc
GT Cubic
GT Block
GT Block
GT Formosa
GT H15
GT H17
GT 11
GT 12
GT Block

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