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ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH based in Bensheim, Germany, is a recognised partner to plastics processing and manufacturing companies for many years. Its service portfolio includes systems for the efficient handling of plastic materials, turn-key systems for solid-state post-condensation of plastics, recycling lines as well as complete systems for producing long-fibre reinforced thermoplastics (LFT pultrusion lines). As a member of the Schoeller Group, ProTec Polymer Processing has access to a global sales and service network and has the ideal infrastructure in place to provide comprehensive on-site customer support.

Products and services - Overview

LFT-PULTRUSIONS SYSTEMS: Pultrusion lines for production of long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) pellets
SSP: Tumble Reactors for Solid-State Post-Condensation
SOMOS®: Material handling solutions


LFT pellets produced with ProTec pultrusion lines utilize best-in-class technology, resulting in superior material performance.

ProTec designs and builds pultrusion lines that enables to manufacture long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) pellets with a wide range of polymer matrices and different fiber strengths. The pultrusion process optimally coats the fiber strand in the impregnation tool for the production of high strength and low weight plastic parts. The advantages of LFT are becoming widely recognized, particularly in the automotive parts industry, and significant new applications are expected to develop in the packaging, appliances, sports equipment and facilities, medical and aerospace components.

Some highlights of ProTec´s pultrusion lines are:

  • Standard & custom LFT lines
  • High quality fiber impregnations
  • Fully automated operation
  • Runs different fiber & thermoplastic combinations
  • Individual LFT formulation support
  • Custom LFT sample pre-production
  • Compatible with SOMOS® material handling equipment.

SSP - Tumble Reactors for Solid-State Post-Condensation

New-Generation SSP Reactor
Polyamide and polyester pellets can be post-condensated in a solid-state polycondensation (SSP) reactor. The higher molecular weights achieved in this way give the materials the properties required for application in high-strength components, fibers, or filaments. The materials refined in the reactor are used in particular to manufacture bottles and technical fibers. These are used for a range of applications such as optical fibers, tire cords, airbags, fiber composite materials, filter fabrics, fleece fabrics, and fishing nets.

Key advantages of the reactor:
- Available in dimensions from 16 m³ to 44 m³
- Lower energy consumption compared to double jacket reactors due to savings in heat transfer oil and reduced own weight
- Optimized volume/heating surface ratio as well as improved heat transfer in the heating system lead to shorter process times
- Optimized mixing effect ensures homogeneous product quality
- Reliable measurement of the product temperature
- Production flexibility (individual adjustment of viscosity for each batch)

SOMOS® - Efficient material handling in plastics processing

ProTec Polymer Processing offers machines and complete system solutions for efficient and flexible material handling. Products sold under the SOMOS® brand, cover the entire production chain, including drying, dosing/blending and conveying. ProTec offers i.a. stationary module drying systems of SOMOS® D-series and gravimetric batch dosing systems of SOMOS® BB-series. Also mobile dryers of the SOMOS® T/TF eco-series are part of the product portfolio which has been recently extended: the new T140 eco, with its updated design, having an hopper volume of 400 l and a dry air throughput of up to 140 m3/h. Another new feature is the self-explanatory SOMOS® control/smart touchscreen-operated controller.

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