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Brunvoll is a single source supplier of complete packages of integrated propulsion, manoeuvring and control systems.

The Brunvoll group of companies are well established in the market for integrated propulsion and manoeuvring systems and controls. The reference list from Brunvoll contains most types of seagoing vessels within offshore, cruise, tankers, containers, cargo, fishing, ferries, Ro-Pax, fast ferries and yachts. Brunvoll is recognised as a Norwegian manufacturer of high quality ships equipment for demanding clients.

Brunvoll CP-propulsion systems consist of a wide range of reduction gearboxes and CP-propeller systems for different medium speed vessel configurations. Brunvoll offers tailor made configurations for the actual ship design. The propulsion systems are available in a wide variety of configurations within diesel mechanical, diesel electric or hybride mode with el-motors, PM-motors and/or batteries. The range of gearboxes are module based with options for a range of PTO/PTI units, and can be configured as 1- or 2-speed systems, and as single or twin-in single-out configurations. Brunvoll CP-propulsion systems interface with all medium speed diesel engines.

Brunvoll Azimuth pulling propulsion thruster systems, consist of a series of highly efficient pulling thrusters with reduced building height and integrated PM-motor technology.

Brunvoll manoeuvring systems comprise a wide range of different thruster systems such as transverse tunnel thrusters, retractable azimuth thrusters, the combined retractable and transverse thruster, low noise tunnel thrusters, and the azimuth RDT – rim driven thruster. Brunvoll provides fully integrated thruster solutions with drive motors, hydraulic power units, control, alarm and monitoring systems. Each system can be optimized to meet the needs of the individual vessel and operation.

Brunvoll control systems for propulsion and manoeuvring consist of a series of remote control systems for CPP, thrusters, steering gears, joystick systems and emergency telegraph systems. The systems are available as stand-alone units or as integral parts of the Brunvoll integrated bridge control system; BruCon.

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