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Lock & Hardware Concepts for Ship & Yacht builders

Every main section of a ship is equipped with doors that separate or close one section from the other. In order to keep doors closed or even add more functionality to doors in the architectural layout, a lock and the according hardware is needed. This ranges basically from a lock, handles, plates and hinges to more refined and adjusted products according to the functionality or design planned or required. Additionally other „areas“ of the accommodation section are involved in order to be accessible, like furniture, etc. that needs to be secured with locks operating under the same master key system as the doors.

Resulting from the marine environment the demand to a higher standard is obvious: corrosion from sea water or humidity act aggressively on the material, vibrations all over the ship unit act on the structure, fire safety, weight of the doors and their motion, daily door frequency, shock stability and many other aspects have to merge and blend into one single quality product instead of applying different products of varying or inferior quality. The marine environment leaves no chance for the choice of inferior quality – each one of these external influences will bring out any flaw immediately in an environment that is more than only dynamic.

Because of the sum of all these different parameters in the marine environment, locks and hardware for the ship and yacht builders must be better than their counterparts from the land construction industry. Whereas cost cutting may be justified on land-based projects (domestic/industrial), locks and hardware in marine applications must guarantee reliability in an emergency situation and the provision of service – if needed – by the manufacturer. This, however, does not correspond well with cost cutting. The value of life is too high to allow for compromise. Therefore, quality, like the worldwide renown Schwepper lock and hardware quality, combined with a corporate service on a global scale, are key factors for any decision maker in procurement – be it at the shipyard, module supplier or for the ship-owner himself as the end user. Schwepper has since been the leader in technology. The first locks in complete stainless steel have come to the market from here.

The products and services excel in a claim-rate below 0,1%, long durability, high flexibility. Many ship-owners neglect this kind of product – but in the end, when others decide the quality the effort to re-install Schwepper products after the initial launch brings extra expenses that could be avoided. Recent developments comprise the refinement of existing product types towards more design appeal as well the integration of electronics into their systems.

About Schwepper: Schwepper Beschlag GmbH & co based in Heiligenhaus is one of the worldwide leading manufacturing companies for quality lock and hardware systems. The production and service range comprises of door locks, brass cabinet locks, hardware, hinges, skirting board systems, aluminum handrail systems, custom-made locks and electronic components.

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