Glass lined reactors

THALETEC supplies a full wide range of glass lined equipment, i.e. tanks, columns and receivers. Thaletec offers you high efficient jacketed or halfcoil reactors and high efficient glass lined compact heat exchanger or with SIC pipes for an even smaller construction. THALETEC also offers a complete range of spare parts which are readily available and vital for your processes equipment.

For Energy and Environmental applications on power plants, THALETEC offers glass lined heat exchanger pipes up to 39 feet lenght, which are not only new to the world, but also manufactured on a continuous high quality manufacturing process.

All our products are "Made in Germany", manufactured from certified materials and components, mostly from German high quality suppliers. We offer a wide portfolio of reliable high quality equipment, regardless if it is a standard product or a customized one.

Product images

Thaletec 01
Thaletec 02
Thaletec 03
Thaletec 04
Thaletec 05
Thaletec 06
Thaletec 07
Thaletec 08
Thaletec 09
Thaletec 10
Thaletec 11
Thaletec 12
Thaletec 13
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Thaletec 17
Thaletec 18
Thaletec 19
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