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Since the late 1980s the Jets™ group has supplied the world's leading products in maritime sanitary technology. Today the group has more than half the world market for vacuum sanitary systems in this segment.

The technology has also been used very successfully onshore, and has vast potential for growth in land based markets where considerations like environment, water savings and water costs are growing ever more important. Powered by the most compact, efficient and reliable vacuum generator available, Jets™ systems have been selected by some of the world’s leading cruise and ferry lines. With 60,000 Vacuumarator™ pumps in operation worldwide on passenger, offshore, merchant and naval ships, as well as in the building and transport sectors onshore, you can trust Jets™ to deliver a well-proven and highly reliable system – every time.

The strong focus on customers has made Jets™ the natural choice for more than every second ship equipped with vacuum sanitary systems.

For any type of vessel
The scalability of Jets™ vacuum solutions allow their use in virtually every possible scenario, from one-toilet cabin systems, to the world’s largest cruise vessels with thousands of passengers.

In-line installation of the Vacuumarator™ pump combined with a small footprint and low weight allows for unique installation flexibility and considerable weight savings. These advantages, along with low energy consumption, make Jets™ the preferred choice for designers, yards and owners.

Easy to install, operate and maintain, Jets™ equipment is renowned for its high level of quality and reliability, which is appreciated by crews and passengers on the high seas, as well as by our customers onshore.

A complete Jets™ sanitary system combines our vacuum toilets with Vacuumarator™ pumps connected to our own sewage treatment plant: Ecomotive™ by Jets™. All built and delivered with best-in-class knowledge and installed using three decades’ worth of experience.

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