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  • Anti-vibrating robust support made with aluminium
  • High temperature (400°C) grease sealing rotating system
  • Monolith stainless vane
  • Uginox or copper: heating or ventilation
  • Painted model: ventilation only
  • Its designed-shape vane and flexible rotating system make Aspiromatic very sensitive to wind
  • Performances approved by Eiffel Laboratory
  • 30 years’ experience in all over 20 countries
  • 2 years guaranteed
  • Suitable to flue with ø 80 to 240 mm or section 20x20, 25x25, 20x40 or 25x50 cm

Model 100 for ventilation only

Aimed to be used only for rooms’ ventilation and vacuum of septic tanks gases (Ministerial Approval of September 7th 2009 modified and NF DTU 64.1), Aspiromatic 100 is available into 3 shades: stone, slate grey and brown-tile.
Flow graph is according to wind speed and Aspiromatic is a powerful anti-downdraught devise which also ensure perfect draught. Over 30 years’ experience allowed to confirm this. Its performances carried out by the “Eiffel Laboratory” are summarized in the graph here below.
Characteristic graph ØP/Qº shows that for any wind directions, the devise allows a perfect regulation of the flue and suppresses downdraughts.


Aspiromatic is necessary where chimney draught is inadequate. It allows an excellent regulation of the flue. It is suitable to all type of heating appliances and to all kind of fuel: oil, gas, coal, wood.

Domestic fires

Appreciable improvement of draw due to increased vacuum in the flue and suppression of downdraught and resulting blow-backs. Drying out of chimney flue: suppression of tar and condensation. Control of the combustion: more heat, less fuel.

Hearth fireplace

Fitted to a chimney with section no wider than 650 cm² (100 in²), the Aspiromatic cowl: increases draw without any appreciable heat loss, prevents smoke from being blown back into the room (make sure air room is regularly renewed).

Barges – Boats

Controls draught in windy conditions. Suppresses downdraught when passing through obstacles such as bridges, rows of trees, slope channels, etc.


Draw is improved when chimneys are low. Maintains permanent vacuum in the flue and prevents cooking and heating appliances from turning off.


The Aspiromatic allows barbecues fitted with stationary or not easily rotating chimneys to properly perform.

Choice of the model according to diameter
or flue section and required flow

ModelØ or external sectionAverage flow of the flue
100 80 to 100 mm 55 m3
160 80 to 160 mm 125 m3
200 112 to 200 mm 225 m3
240 150 to 240 mm 315 m3
240C square base 200 x 200 mm and 250 x 250 mm 315 m3
240R rectangular base 200 x 400 mm and 250 x 500 mm 315 m3


Aspiromatic (model 100 colour or stainless steel model) is necessary when efficient and permanent ventilation is required. It allows the air to be renewed three times as much as in standard conditions.

Sanitary installations

Continuous ventilation of bathrooms, toilets, etc. Vacuum of waste gases from water heaters. Ventilation of drains, septic tanks, purifier filters, etc.


Vacuum of cooking steam and smoke. Suppression of the smells.

Second homes

Sanitation of the seasonal occupation homes. To efficiently allow a satisfactory and continuous renewal of the air in these homes, install the Aspiromatic cowl either on the chimney or ventilation flue of the rooms that need to be ventilated, taking care of having entry of fresh air (half-open windows or better, openings in the brickwork of the outside walls). Drying of the condensation and disappearance of the mildew.

Lofts and attics

Modern sealing roofs and thermal insulation require a complementary continuous and efficient ventilation to enable the proper conservation of structures and drying of fibre-glass mattresses. Aspiromatic’s performances allow to fully meet these requirements.

Workshops and outhouses

Permanent renewal of the air. Suppression of under-roof condensations.

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